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There are few important things about the our trips that teachers should know before they start gathering students:

-participants  should be 13-18 years old. 

-one of the teachers accompanying the groups should know English or Polish language in order to comunicate with the organiser during the trip

-teachers are responsible for their students for the whole stay during the trip. We, as organisers, are not responsible for participants. It's the teachers who come with their students that take full responsibility for them.

-there should be 1 teacher per every 15-20 students


Our trips are different  from those offered by other companies.We really want the participants to benefit something, we dont want them to come back home with only pictures of buildings, we take them to places that really interest teenagers, we organise activities which really interest and involve them.

Our trips are perfectly organised. Teacher who brings a group doesnt have to worry about anything ... things like accomodation, tours, trips, entrance tickets, guides and transport are taken care of by the organiser who asissts the group 24/7 during the trip ... he/she even stays at the same hotel as the group and eats in the same places as the group.We take that load off teachers shoulders and let him/her enjoy the trip together with the students. 


I'm more than sure that you and your students will be satisfied with our trips. 


If you want to find out more about our trip dont hesitate to contact us: office (at)    - (at) = @


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