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We are very proud to announce that VILLAGE TRAVELS established a cooperation with an educational organisation from Vietnam called HEADSTART Vietnam. 


HEADSTART Vietnam is a community engaging members with real-world English environment. They use new and innovative programs to provide English training in a fun and natural way. They embrace the idea of free open space for creative and unlimited learning, playing and working experience.

Headstart prides on their staff who are kind, open-minded, passionate and always engage full eagerness to help everyone seize opportunities in today's global world.

Headstart's vision and goal is to help as many non English native speakers become global citizens who are not only natural in using English but also experts in 21st century skills-Critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity. In order to achieve this goal, they have a research team that continuously study the most updated neuroscience and linguistic research in the World to  best tailor our programs for our learners. Over the course of 8 years, they welcomed over 10,000 members coming from different backgrounds at different ages and levels of English living in Headstart community at 5 different locations.


More info about HEADSTART Vietnam can be found on their website:


VILLAGE TRAVELS offers you and your students a chance to take your students to Vietnam. We call this „Vietnam Adventure” The main idea of that cooperation is: students from Europe will have a chance to go to Vietnam, have language workshops ( English language ) with English native speakers organised by HEADSTART Vietnam, visit the capital of Vietnam  Hanoi, visit the southern part of Vietnam Hoian (HEADSTART VIETNAM has one of their schools there), get to know the culture of Vietnam, the food and most important and beneficial, they will have a chance to meet Vietnamese students ( also students from Thailand, Japan, China, Malaysia and Singapore )


We think that this is a very great opportunity for your students to experience a real culture clash, visit interesting country, taste delicious Vietnamese food and meet Vietnamese teenagers …. That may be the most exciting and interesting experience in their lives ….. I dont know of any other organisations in Europe which can offer your students sucha n interesting project.

We have been organising school events since 2011. So far we’ve hosted 3000 students from 21 countries, therefore we claim that we have enough experience to give your students well organised, high quality school trip to an exotic destination. Those who took part in INTERNATIONAL VILLAGE Project in Slovakia or one of our VILLAGE TRAVELS trips know that everything is always well organised and planned and most important interesting and really beneficial for students. We know that HEADSTART Vietnam is a reliable organisation and we can guarantee that „Vietnam Adventure” will be well organised and planned as well.


More info about Vietnam Adventure in DESTINATIONS.